10 Best Stock Brokers in India 2023

Best Stock Brokers in India 2023
Best Stock Brokers in India 2023
Best Stock Brokers in India 2023

Best Stock Brokers in India 2023

List of Best Stock Brokers in India 2023: Want to open a demat and trading account but don’t know which stock broker to choose? Today we will discuss the 10 Best Stock Brokers in India (2023) for opening a demat and trading account. This list of the best brokerage firms in India provides an overview of the leading full-service and discount brokerage firms in India. All of these stock brokers offer the best de-matting and trading account services. let’s start.

1 Zerodha

Best Stock Brokers in India 2023
Best Stock Brokers in India 2023

Zerodha is India’s largest and best stock broker with over 4 million customers and +15% of daily retail trading volume on the Indian Stock Exchange. occupies. Founded in 2010, Zerodha has brought the concept of discount brokerage to the Indian stock market with a no-brokerage model for investors and a flat brokerage fee of Rs 20 per trade for intraday and other businesses. popularized.

Competing with big players like HDFC and ICICI is undoubtedly a challenge, Best Stock Brokers in India 2023 but Zerodha has managed to remain one of the leading discount brokers in the country. While there are other competitors in the discount brokerage industry, Zeroda, India’s largest discount brokerage company, has a huge customer base in India. (whichever is lower)

* Account Opening Fee: Rs 200
* Annual Management Fee: Rs 300
* Services: Stocks, Derivatives, Currencies, Mutual Funds, Commodities
Zerodha Trading Platforms and Other Important Points:

Zerodha provides a universe of trading platforms and product offerings that assist clients from education to trading tools. Best Stock Brokers in India 2023
Zerodha exchange trading benefits include free stock delivery trading, an innovative and easy-to-use trading platform, and a maximum brokerage commission per transaction. The transaction is 20 rupees—a free affiliate platform for customers and more. However, Zerodha’s main drawback is that it does not provide research reports or advice. With a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1987, Angel Broking has emerged as a prominent and esteemed brand within the securities industry. Boasting an extensive experience of over three decades, the company has garnered the trust and loyalty of more than one million contented customers.

2 Angel Broking

Best Stock Brokers in India 2023
Best Stock Brokers in India 2023

With a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1987, Angel Broking has emerged as a prominent and esteemed brand within the securities industry. Boasting an extensive experience of over three decades, the company has garnered the trust and loyalty of more than one million contented customers. Best Stock Brokers in India 2023 They are based in 1,800+ cities in India. Angel Broking offers trading opportunities in stocks, F&O, commodities, BSE, NSE, NCDEX, and MCX currencies. Angel Broking has operated as a full-service broker for over 20 years, offering a percentage brokerage fee to its clients.

However, it recently (Nov 2019) switched its business model from percent brokerage to flat rate brokerage to compete with fast-growing discount brokers such as Zerodha, 5Paisa, and Upstox. Angel Broking currently offers a flat-rate brokerage plan called Angel iTrade PRIME. Shipping transactions are free. For all other segments: H. There is a fixed rate of ₹20 per F&O, currency, and commodity during the day. The same simple interest applies to all exchanges and segments. Angel Broking is that they provide us with guidance/recommendations on investing in the stock market, along with company research reports and many other value-added tools and services.

Services Offered: Angel Broking offers services in equities, commodities, currencies, PMS, life insurance, ETFs, IPOs, and mutual funds.

Angel Broking Brokerage Fee:
* Shipping Fee: Rs 0
* Intraday Trading: Flat per trade ₹20
* Stocks F&O: Flat per trade ₹20
* Currency F&O: Flat per trade ₹20
* Commodities – F&O: Fixed amount per trade ₹20
Angel Broking Account opening fee:
* Annual maintenance fee: Rs 450 (from 2nd year)

Trading platform: Angel iTrade, Angel Broking Mobile App, Angel BEE
Angel Broking Pros:
* Cheapest Full Service Broker
* Fast Account Opening Process
* Fixed Broker Fees,
* Expert Research Reports and Market Advice

Angel Broking Cons :
* No 3-in-1 Account
*Additional charge of
for Call & Trade

3 ICICI Direct

Best Stock Brokers in India 2023
Best Stock Brokers in India 2023

ICICI Direct, part of ICICI Securities, is the #1 ranked full-service brokerage firm. It is operated by the ICICI Group, a leading private financial services provider that has existed since 1994. A high-quality, customized service with 3-in-1 account functionality is what the company is betting on to get so many active customers. ICICI Direct was number one in terms of active customers until leading discount brokerage Zerodha lost him in 2019 of his over 2 million customer base. attracting a significant number of users. Best Stock Brokers in India 2023 Its popularity is a testament to its strong reputation, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive range of services.

* Delivery Brokerage charges: 0.15% – 0.25D44 * Intraday Brokerage Charges: Rs 15 per trade
* Futures/Options/Currency/Commodity Charges: Rs 20 per trade
* Margin Funding: 8.9% pa
* Services: Equities, Derivatives, Currency, Mutual Funds, IPOs, FD, Bonds, NCDs, ETFs

Trading Platform and Other Key Points

Best Stock Brokers in India 2023 ICICI Direct presents a cutting-edge web-based trading platform that prioritizes speed and harnesses the power of technology. Pioneering online trading in India back in 2000, it stands as one of the earliest and most reputable platforms of its kind. The platform offers a range of features, including charting, analytics, and comprehensive fundamental statistics reports. These tools empower investors and traders to gain valuable insights into the performance of their portfolios, enabling informed decision-making. Other major ICICI direct trading platforms include Trade Racer and its mobile trading app.

ICICI Direct Securities Broker benefits include a 3-in-1 account, the ability to invest in U.S. stocks, branded stocks, and multiple brokerage plans (ICICI Direct Prime, ICICI Direct NEO, I-Secure, I-Saver, Prepaid Plans). etc.) are included. from. On the other hand, the drawbacks of ICICI Direct include high fees, poor mobile app performance, and somewhat complicated brokerage plans Best Stock Brokers in India 2023.

4 HDFC Securities

Best Stock Brokers in India 2023.
Best Stock Brokers in India 2023.

HDFC Securities Limited is a subsidiary of HDFC, the largest private bank, and has established itself as a major player in the financial industry over the past 20 years. With a significant presence both online and offline, the company is recognized as one of India’s leading full-service brokerage firms. Headquartered in Mumbai, HDFC Securities has an extensive network of over 270 offices and branches nationwide.

HDFC Securities offers a wide range of stock brokerage services and financial instruments distribution and is known for providing comprehensive services to a wide range of clients and professional traders. Customers of this reputable brokerage firm enjoy the convenience of both online and offline trading services. A variety of investment options are available including stocks, mutual funds, commodities, fixed deposits (FDs), and bonds. Additionally, Best Stock Brokers in India 2023 clients can take advantage of trading and investing with award-winning brokerages to further enhance their financial journey.

In summary, HDFC Securities Limited is a prominent player in the financial market serving the diverse needs of investors and traders across India due to its broad reach and comprehensive services.

* Shipping Fee: 0.07% – 0.32% of transaction value
* Intraday Fee: 0.40% – 0.15% of transaction value
* Account Opening Fee: Rs 999
* Annual Administration Fee: Rs 750 (after 2nd year)
* Services: Stocks, Derivatives, Currencies, Mutual Funds, IPOs, ETFs, Bonds, FDs, Insurance
Trading Platform and Other Important Points: The biggest advantage of Best Stock Brokers in India 2023
HDFC Securities is its 11 tripartite accounts (Demat + Trading + Savings), an investment opportunity. US Stock is a comprehensive platform for stocks to various investment tools, research reports, clients, and the NRI sector. teeth. Recommendations etc.

5 5Paisa

Best Stock Brokers in India 2023

5Paisa is part of IIFL (India Infoline) and gives the most inexpensive inventory brokerage in India. IIFL released 5Paisa to provide a decreased brokerage platform for its customers and to compete with the fast-developing cut-price dealer industry. Best Stock Brokers in India 2023 Services supplied: Apart from buying and selling in fairness, currency, and commodity, 5Paisa additionally gives its offerings in mutual funds, Insurance, and Personal loans. 5Paisa Brokerage Costs 5Paisa gives unfastened buying and selling in fairness and flat brokerage in different segments. Here are the brokerage costs supplied via way of means of 5Paisa:

* Delivery Trading: Rs 20 according to the exchange
* Intraday Trading: Rs 20 according to the exchange
* Equity Options: Rs 20 according to the exchange
* Currency Options: Rs 20 according to exchange

5Paisa Demat And Trading account establishing Charges:
* Account establishing costs: FREE (Rs 650 Waived)
* Annual Maintenance costs: Rs forty-five according to month (handiest for months while you exchange)
Trading Platform: Investor terminal internet platform, dealer terminal, 5Paisa percentage buying and selling cellular app
Pros of 5Paisa:

* Free transport for buying and selling
* A low brokerage of flat Rs 10 according to the exchange
* 100% paperless account making an investment
* Investment in stocks, mutual funds & coverage from the identical account
* Lower preservation costs
* Research reviews and advisory (for better plans)

Cons of 5Paisa:
* No 3-in-1 account
* Higher alternate transaction costs
* No commodity buying and selling facility

6 Upstox

Best Stock Brokers in India 2023

Upstox is a fast-growing discount brokerage firm backed by an impressive group of investors including Kalaari Capital, Ratan Tata, GVK Davix, and others. The company is known for its impressive growth trajectory and has attracted a great deal of attention in the financial industry. Best Stock Brokers in India 2023 Backed by these influential investors, Upstox has established itself as a major player in the market, providing cost-effective brokerage services to its growing customer base. Also known as RKSV. Upstox started in 2012 as his RKSV and in 2015 he was renamed to Upstox. As of January 2021, Upstox has the second-highest number of active customers on NSE after Zerodha.

Services Provided: Upstox provides trading services for stocks, currencies, and commodities. Upstox Brokerage Fees Stock transfer transactions are free when trading with
Upstox. 0.05% per trading order or up to Rs.20 for intraday trading on BSE, NSE, MCX, and F&O. The brokerage fee is only 20 rupees per trading order, regardless of the size of the order Best Stock Brokers in India 2023.

* Shipping fee: Rs 0
* Intraday trading: Rs 20 or 0.05% per trade execution, whichever is lower.
* Futures Trading Fee: Rs 20 or 0.05% per order (whichever is lower).
Upstox Demat and Trading Account Opening Fee:
* Annual Maintenance Fee: Rs 150

Trading Platform: Upstox Pro Web Trading Platform, Bridge For AmiBroker, Developer Console, Options Chain Tool, Upstox MF Platform
Upstox Advantages:
* Free Mail Order,
* Available Margin on Stocks,
* 3-in-1 Account Available (affiliated with IndusInd Bank)

Upstox Cons:
* Good Till Cancellation (GTC) and Good Till Date and Time (GTD) orders not available
* Margin Funding not available for delivery trades
* Customer Report App Minor technical glitch

7 Sharekhan


With over 2 million customers, Sharekhan is one of India’s three largest brokerage firms. Mr. Sharekhan’s journey from being part of the SSKI Group to becoming a subsidiary of BNP Paribas has been compelling for investors as well as traders. The company is the first brokerage firm in India to launch an online trading website, sharekhan.com, Best Stock Brokers in India 2023 The Best Investment Platform offers a wide range of products and services including stock quotes, stock market news reports, fundamental and analytical research reports on stocks, mutual funds, IPOs, and more. Customer-focused account types allow investors and traders to choose the plan that best suits their needs.

* Intraday Brokerage Fee: 0.1% buy side, 0.1% short side
* Delivery Brokerage Fee: 0.5% buy side, 0.5% sell side
* Futures Brokerage Fee: 0.10% on 1st leg, 0.02 on 2nd leg % Same Day Settlement
* Optional Brokerage Fee: Rs 50 per lot or 2.5% of premium
* Account Opening Fee: Classic Account: 750, Trade Tiger Account: 1000
* Annual Maintenance Fee: Rs 400 (after 2nd) year )

Quick note: Sharekhan recently launched a discount brokerage platform called ‘Espresso’. We offer a flat rate of Rs 20 per order for intraday trading across all segments (Equities, F&O, Commodities, and Currencies). Learn more about. Best Stock Brokers in India 2023 Services: Stocks, Derivatives, Forex, Mutual Funds, Commodities, PMS, IPOs Trading Platforms: Trade Tiger, Sharekhan Web, Sharekhan Mobile App, ComMobile Pro, InstaMf App

Sharekhan Benefits:
* Superior Brand Equity,
* Vast online and offline presence,
* Multiple Brokerage Fees as per your requirements,
* Offers Offline Training, Workshops, etc.
Share can Cons:
* 3-in-1 No Air Conditioning
* High Brokerage Fees

8 Motilal Oswal

Best Stock Brokers in India 2023
Best Stock Brokers in India 2023

With over 20 years of trading and investment experience in over 500 cities and 2,200 offices, Motilal Oswal is one of India’s most reputable brokerage firms. From
sub-brokers to pioneering financial services firm entrepreneurs, Motilal Oswal and Ramdeo Agrawal are two of his biggest names in the Indian stock market, providing clients with research-based, high-quality stock recommendations. Best Stock Brokers in India 2023 We are focused on providing. Today, your company is still one of the leading companies on the stock exchange and one of the largest brokers in the industry.

They go beyond intermediation and eventually open up many new avenues such as private equity, investment banking, mutual funds, portfolio management services, wealth management, and everything else a typical financial services company offers. I groped. Motilal Oswal Securities Limited is a subsidiary of Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited. Today, this diversified financial services company is also characterized by the diversity of its customers, which include not only SMEs, but also individual clients, overseas institutional investors, high-net-worth individuals, and financial institutions.

* Delivery Fee: 0.50% of transaction value
* Intraday Fee: 0.05% of the transaction value (both sides)
* Account Opening Fee: Rs 0
* Annual Management Fee: Rs 400 (from 2nd year)
Services: Shares, Derivatives, Commodities, Currencies, IPOs, Mutual Funds
Trading Platforms: Motilal Oswal Trade, Desktop Trading Platforms, Web Trading Platforms, Mobile Apps
Motilal Oswal Advantages:

* Award Winning Research Services,
* Great Investment Opportunities,
* Personal advisor/advice,
* Multiple brokerage plans according to requirements

Motilal Oswal Cons:
* High brokerage fees compared to discount brokers,
* Does not offer 3-in-1 accounts,
* hidden extra cost

9 Kotak Securities

Best Stock Brokers in India 2023

Founded in 1994, Kotak Securities Ltd is a subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank with a presence in 360+ cities. Kotak Securities Limited ranked among the top five full-service brokers, stands out as a provider of unique and unconventional services to its clients. Setting itself apart in the industry, Kotak Securities offers the rare 3-in-1 account facility, enhancing convenience and streamlining the investment process Best Stock Brokers in India 2023.

Distinguished for its trailblazing approach, Kotak Securities has introduced several pioneering features to the Indian brokerage landscape. They were the first to bring Margin Finance for online trading, facilitate IPO and Mutual Fund Investments over the phone, provide SMS alerts prior to the execution of depository transactions, offer Autoinvest functionality, and enable margin against securities using shares held in the Demat account. Best Stock Brokers in India 2023 These innovations exemplify the company’s commitment to leveraging advanced technologies to enhance the investment and trading experience for their valued clients.

Start with these quick links to open a free demat account with Kotak Securities. Best Stock Brokers in India 2023 Kotak Securities recently introduced a Trade FREE plan with a discount brokerage model. Here are the details:
* Delivery Fee: Rs 0
* Intraday Fee: Rs 0
* Futures Fee: Rs 20 per trade
* Option Fee: Rs 20 per trade
* MIS and Super Multiples (Cover Orders): Rs 20 per trade Order
Click here for more information on Kotak Securities’ free trading plan.

Services: Stocks, Derivatives, Mutual Funds, IPOs, ETFs, Forex, Fixed Income, ETFs
Trading Platforms: XTRALITE (Web), KEAT PRO * Fixed Broker Fees, Full-Service Broker
* Extensive Investment Options,
* Fast and Powerful Platform,
* 3-in-1 Account Available,

* Multiple Broker Plans Offered – Free Trading, Fixed Price, FIT Dynamics, and Cons
The number of Kotak Securities:
* Higher Than Other Plans Brokerage fee
* average trading platform

10 India Infoline (IIFL)

Best Stock Brokers in India 2023

India Infoline (IIFL) was established in 1995 and has an extensive network of over 4,000 branches in over 900 cities across India. It is also the parent company of 5Paisa Securities (a discount broker). Best Stock Brokers in India 2023 We provide investment and trading services in equities, derivatives, commodities, insurance, FDs, credits, IPOs, bonds, etc.

* Account Opening Fee: Rs 250 (currently waived)
* Demat AMC: Rs 250 (first year free) )
IIFL offers Investor Plan (Online Plus), Premium Plan (Exclusive RM), and Super Trader Plan (Pro Trader) We offer several security plans such as:
* Delivery Fee: 0.10% – 0.25D44 * Intraday Fee: 0.025% – 0.05% (both sides)
* Futures Fee: 0.025% – 0.05% (both sides)
* Optional Fee: Rs 10-50 per lot

Service: Stocks, Derivatives, Commodities, Insurance, FDs, Loans, Bonds
Trading Platforms: IIFT Trader Terminal, Investor Terminal (IT), IIFL Trader Terminal App
India Infoline (IIFL) Pros:

* Powerful Trader Terminal Platform,
* Multiple Broker Plans as Per the Client’s Requirements
* Wide Branch Network Across India
India Infoline (IIFL) Cons:
* Expensive Broker Plans,
* Average Customer Service

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