Best Auto Insurance Companies of 2023

Best Auto Insurance in 2023
Best Auto Insurance in 2023

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Best Auto Insurance in 2023 Price is an important part of your insurance decision, but the premium isn’t the only thing that matters to auto insurance companies. We analyzed rates and surveyed over 9,500 consumers about their satisfaction with their auto insurance company. This feedback and data analyzed from other sources helped us identify the top 10 insurers for 2023.

Key Takeaways

* USAA, which topped last year’s list, is again the #1 best auto insurer in 2023 ratings.
* American Family, No. 2 overall for the year, improved its rating compared to 2022. Down 8 Ranks
* State Farm is #3 in the ranking, Geico and Nationwide are

What’s the best auto insurance policy?

However, the company’s policies are available only to military personnel, including active duty military personnel, veterans, and Best Auto Insurance in 2023 their spouses, and children. For those unable to purchase USAA insurance, our analysis found American Family to be the best all-inclusive auto insurance option. This insurer ranks him second in our ranking of the best auto insurers, but he does not rank third in any of the subcategories surveyed. State Farm ranks third in the overall rating, while Geico and Nationwide rank fourth.

Our ratings are designed to help consumers find the policy that’s right for them based on what they look for in an auto insurance company. We analyzed pricing to give drivers a rough idea of ​​what insurance companies will charge based on factors such as driving experience, age, credit history and the level of coverage customers want.

Also, to help motorists choose the insurance experience that is right for them, we will also educate consumers on how these companies are performing in areas such as customer service, claims processing, and customer loyalty. I asked Our rating is a good start. However, it reminds consumers that the best way to choose the right insurance is to research and compare what different insurers offer Best Auto Insurance in 2023.

US News Rating

USAA is the #1 insurer in the 2023 Best Auto Insurance Companies ranking. As a result, the company ranked first in many of the subcategories studied, including customer service, and was rated as most likely to be recommended and most likely to be renewed. USAA ranked him second to American Family in claims processing and tied with American Family in the customer loyalty subcategory. The company also ranked number one among the cheapest auto insurers, with low average premiums in several categories. USAA auto insurance is only available to military personnel, so most consumers want to know more about what other insurers offer. Find out more in our
USAA review.

American Family

American Family ranks second with a score of 4.3 out of 5 in the overall ranking of the best auto insurance companies and ranks at or near the top in most of the subcategories included The company is ranked #1 for customer loyalty and is the only leader in claims processing. American Family ranked him second or third in all other subcategories. In terms of pricing, the company is clearly in the middle among insurers, ranking 5th overall among cheap auto insurers. “ Best Auto Insurance in 2023 American Family” saw the biggest improvement in viewer ratings compared to last year, moving up eight spots to second overall. Read our American Family review for more information.

State Farm

State Farm placed him third in the rating with a score of 4.2. The company performed well in every sub-category featured in the ranking, including second place in the “Best Auto Insurance Company for Seniors” category. Best Auto Insurance in 2023 State Farm ranks second for American Family customer service, and he ranks third for the fourth year in a row in the claims processing subcategory.

State Farm’s premiums were the third lowest overall in our study, and the company performed well in several price categories, including teen drivers and senior insurance costs. is, on average, one of the cheapest companies for drivers after a ticket or accident, and one of the cheapest companies for drivers after a drunk driver. Read our State Farm review to learn more.


Best Auto Insurance in 2023 Geico earned a score of 4.1, ranking number four nationally in the 2023 Auto Insurance Company Rankings. This is one place down from last year when the company was ranked third. Geico ranked in the top half in all subcategories of our ratings, including the Top 5 ratings for Customer Service, Claims Handling, and Customer Loyalty. This is also one of the cheapest auto insurance on the list. Geico ranks second overall to USAA in our ranking of cheap auto insurance companies, offering affordable rates in many categories, including low premiums for teenage drivers and drivers looking for minimal insurance. offers. Find out more in our review of the Best Auto Insurance in 2023 Geico.


Nationwide ranks fourth with Geico with an overall score of 4.1. The company ranked 4th in the Customer Service subcategory, 3rd in the Claims Handling subcategory, and 6th in the Customer Loyalty category, first his fifth. In the cheap auto insurance company ranking, Nationwide ranked middle, his sixth overall.


Farmers ranks 6th in the overall ranking of Best Auto Insurers for 2023, alongside Travelers, Allstate, and AAA, 4th in customer service subcategories, and 3rd in claims processing, ranked third in our service category. Customer loyalty subcategory. 6th place. Farmers came in last in the subcategory most likely to be updated. Farmers offer the highest average premium in our survey, and he ranks 9th in our latest ranking of cheap auto insurance companies.


The highest rank Travelers has among the subcategories included in our rating is equivalent to 4th place for Customer Service. It ranked 7th in claims processing, 6th in customer loyalty, and lowest in the most recommended subcategories. Overall, Travelers offers reasonable rates with below national averages in all categories we research, including teenage drivers, young and old drivers, post-ticketing fees, and DUI insurance costs. We offer rates.


Best Auto Insurance in 2023 Allstate ranked 6th for both customer loyalty and recommendability, and ranked highest in all subcategories. The company was also ranked 6th overall among the 2023 Best Auto Insurance Companies. He ranked 7th and below in the subcategories of Customer Service, Claims Handling, and Most Likely to Renew.

The company’s premiums are above national averages in all price categories studied, including young drivers, old drivers, and ticket and post-accident prices, making it one of the most expensive companies in our rating. Best Auto Insurance in 2023 Ranked 10th in cheap car insurance rankings.


AAA was rated 10th in two sub-categories of the ranking: Customer Service and Claims Handling. However, the company ranks him fourth in the customer loyalty category and fifth in the most likely to renew category. It also ranked him 6th on the most recommended list. Overall, AAA is the 6th (tied 4) company in the 2023 Best Auto Insurance Companies ranking. AAA Auto insurance sample rates exceeded national category averages in some figures.

Best for Customer Service: USAA, American Family, State Farm

Best Auto Insurance in 2023
Best Auto Insurance in 2023

USAA ranks first in the customer service subcategory, with American Family and State Farm tied for second. Our survey found that more than 73% of his USAA customers who had never filed a complaint before were satisfied with the company’s customer service. Of his USAA customers who have filed claims, that number drops to 53%. Since USAA auto insurance is only available to military personnel and their families, most customers will want to consider other insurers in our evaluation.

More than 65% of American Family customers who have not filed claims say they are completely satisfied with the level of customer service provided, but If so, that figure is just under 58% of his. The number of State Farm customers who responded to our survey is approximately 60% and 54%, respectively. Nationally, Geico, Travelers & Farmers ranks him #4 in this subcategory. It received a 4.2 rating.

Our survey results show that over 61% of American family policyholders are completely satisfied with the ease of reporting their claims, and 56% are completely satisfied with how their claims are resolved. More than half (nearly 52%) of American Family customers said they were completely satisfied with the updates they received from the company while processing their claims for Best Auto Insurance in 2023.

In this subcategory, American Family and USAA are followed by State Farm, Farmers, Geico, and Nationwide in fourth place, tied for third place. Progressive, Travelers, and Allstate are tied for 7th, and AAA is 10th. It shows that 63% of USAA policyholders who have not filed a claim are likely to recommend the company to others looking for auto insurance. Best Auto Insurance in 2023 Of his USAA clients who file lawsuits, that number drops to about 59%. Because USAA sells its automobile insurance products only to military personnel, most policyholders must look to other insurance companies.

Best Auto Insurance in 2023 Over 40% of American Family policyholders who have not filed a claim say they are very likely to recommend the company to someone looking for insurance, but who have filed a claim Just over 62% of people say it’s very likely. Make recommendations. Other companies likely to be recommended by customers include State Farm, Nationwide, and Geico. These companies rank him third in this subcategory in our evaluation.

Most likely to renew: USAA and American Family

Our survey results show that more than 69% of customers who did not submit a claim when asked if they would renew their policy with USAA are more likely to renew and answered that it is very high. When policyholders who filed claims were asked the same question, there was no significant change in the numbers, and more than 66 of them said an extension was very likely.

These results earned USAA the #1 rating in the “Most Likely to Renew” subcategory. Best Auto Insurance in 2023 His second largest company in this subcategory, American Family, also performed well in our consumer survey. About 65% of those who did not file a claim had a chance to renew their contract with American Family, and for those who filed a claim, that number rose to over 68% of his. Nationwide and State Farm are tied for third in this subcategory, with Geico at #5.

Best for Customer Loyalty: USAA and American Family

Best Auto Insurance in 2023 USAA and American Family are tied for first place in the Customer Loyalty subcategory. In terms of policyholder willingness to recommend, both companies performed well in our study. USAA and American Family also ranked first and second respectively in the subcategories most likely to be renewed. Nationwide and State Farm were tied for third place, and Geico was rated fifth. How much does auto insurance cost?

According to our latest premium analysis, the average annual cost of auto insurance is $1,547, but you can pay more or less. Auto insurance prices are highly individualized due to many considerations. This includes where you live, your age and gender, the type of car you drive, your driving history, and the type of insurance you have. Minimum coverage is more cost-effective than higher coverage.

Insurance companies typically charge higher rates to customers with lower credit ratings, while customers with better credit ratings benefit from discounted premiums. There are also many ways motorists can save money by taking advantage of insurance company discounts. Ultimately, the best way to find a policy that fits your budget and that fits your needs is to research and compare offers from multiple insurers’ Best Auto Insurance in 2023.

How much auto insurance do you need? Best Auto Insurance in 2023

One of the most important indicators of the extent of insurance you need is state requirements. Most states have laws that require drivers to have a minimum liability insurance policy. Some states require drivers to have other types of insurance, including B. Insurance for Uninsured Motorists or Personal Injury Insurance (Personal Injury Protection, PIP). Next, you should consider the requirements of the lender or lender.

If you pay for your car monthly, your loan or lease agreement will specify how much insurance you should have. Find out about lenders, lenders, or loan agreements. For tips on getting the right car insurance, Best Auto Insurance in 2023 see How much car insurance do I need? Guide.

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